Treasure Chest Moments

      Have you ever felt like you wasted your entire day? If you have, you’re not alone. The truth of the matter is each day has purpose. If we slow down long enough, we’ll unfold hidden treasures throughout each day. I call them “Treasure Chest Moments.” I’m not talking about candy syrup, always feeling good times. No, sometimes life can be downright yucky! But if we take a deep breath, we can hear God speaking even during our “worst” days.

One thought on “Treasure Chest Moments

  1. What a calling on your life. This is a awesome ministry/outreach. You’ve already encouraged me. I think about “Treasures” and you know what I’m referring to :). The name caught my eye quickly. I look forward to what will be said by you that is coming through you. Thank you for following our passion.


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