The Sky is Not the Limit!

Illustration depicting thought.
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     Do you remember what you dreamed of becoming when you were five or six?  Most of us probably remember saying things like a fireman, teacher, police officer, or doctor. How simple our dreams were back then.   Can you remember the excitement you felt when somebody actually took the time to even ask you what you wanted to become?  How easy it was to believe that you could become anything you wanted!  What are you believing for yourself now?  Do you sense a restlessness in your present job or in your present circumstances?  Do you feel as if you can hardly breathe in your present situation?  Have you been begging God for a change, only to find yourself drowning in frustration and disappointment?  If you find yourself agreeing with these questions, know that God knows just where you are.   You may feel as if He has forgotten you.  You may see others with the very thing you dream about.  Yet, you continue to find yourself in a “see nothing”season.   

     Two weeks ago I had a dream about a friend.  It was quite vivid.  This person has experienced some frustration in her life over a prolonged period of time.  While many of her friends have married and had kids, she has remained single, despite a desire for a husband.  I can remember so many conversation where she shared the longing in her heart.  To add to the frustration, many people have asked why she’s not married.  Ugh, that’s got to be the ultimate slap in the face. 

    Well, back to the dream.  My friend owns a home, yet in my dream, I saw her in a new home.  “Wow!” I thought.  “A new house—I wonder when that’s going to happen!”  I tucked that thought away until I got a call from her today.  We chatted about the usual day to day activities and then I remembered my dream. 

    “Hey, I had a dream about you two weeks ago,” I said excitedly.

     “What about?” she asked.  I went on to explain the new home I saw her in and she made quite a surprising comment.  I thought she was going to tell me she had been thinking about buying a new house.  That was not the case.

   “Oh,”she said confidently, “I just had a conversation with another friend yesterday about things I had been struggling with.  I told her I was living in a new place.  Not anything physical.  I was now seeing things from a different perspective.  I finally have God’s view now.”

    I was reminded that dreams aren’t always about the physical things we see while sleeping.  We need to ask God what those things mean.  Not only was my friend encouraged, but I was encouraged that God was talking to me as well.  The conversation lasted about ten minutes, but it had eternal value!  Just another simple moment.    What are you believing God for?  The thing you seek might not be the heart of the matter.  Maybe God wants you and me to draw nearer and find His perspective.  Let’s not look around for a change.  Let’s look up!

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