Go Out and Play

     I have to admit that I can be very introspective.  Do I have any sisters out there?  You know—those recovering perfectionists who always have something to work on.  (Oh, I mean for God to work on.  That sounds much more spiritual).  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  If you had to think about that question, then you’re in the club. 

   I’ve spent a lot of time recently revising the final chapters of my book and I’ve been encouraged by my reader/advisor to do more reflecting.  Wow! That’s right down my alley!  I love to reflect!  Yeah, it’s like a naural thing for me to do.  You know, it’s like a white water rafter on an adrenaline rush down the Chattanooga River.  I’m not sure if anybody goes rafting down the Chattanooga, but that’s the only river I can think of right now.  You get the point.  But I have to be careful not to stay in my reflective mode too long.  Sometimes I have to simply “go out and play!”

   Isn’t that what we tell our children?  Any why wouldn’t God say the same to each one of us?  I must give myself permission to go out and play.  Why?  Because it’s healthy!  It’s fun! And it’s natural!  Besides, I can make life boring and suffocating when I spend too much time looking at areas I think I need to work on.  I’m not talking about things God is pointing His finger at. (Yeah, preposition at the end of a sentence–big no, no.  Does He really care about that? NO!)

     For those who get what I’m saying, this blog’s for you.  If you don’t get it, you may be playing a little too much and may need to do some reflecting about that!  Now back to my point–I had a blast this past week–after I told my husband we needed to get away from the house once a week and do something different.  He’s such a great guy.  He never asked me why.  Instead, he simply listened as I said I wanted to head north on 85 to Tangers Outlet.  After eating breakfast at Waffle House, we hit the road.  It felt like we were going on a special trip, although our destination was 45 minutes away.  It didn’t matter.  We broke our routine and it was great! 

     When we got there, we saw a store that was the answer to prayer for Willie:  A “Gold Toe Socks” store!  No kidding!  He was in paradise!  Such a practical guy!  And me?  “Silver Treasures.”  What else?  I’m a woman!  The truth of the matter was it didn’t matter what we got.  What mattered was that we took the time to refresh ourselves by breaking our routine. 

  I’ve already figured out our next outing this week.  It’s back to the shopping center to exchange my purchase.   I can’t wait to visit that “Jones New York” store I saw there.  Oh yeah,”Kirkland’s” is waiting,too.

    I know what you’re thinking.  When will Willie get to choose a destination?  I’ve got to think about that!  In the meantime, I’m having a ball playing while exercising.  Have you tried “Curves/Zumba?”  Got to find a cute little outfit.  After all, the moves are way too sexy for sweats!  Sisters, let’s have some fun!

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