I Really Miss You

Feuilles de la passion
Image by Fabrice ROSE via Flickr

     Last Thursday I met a man at a jewelry store who talked about his relationship with a former love from the time we entered the store until the time we walked out.  It seemed like half an hour, but my husband thought it was more like ten or fifteen minutes later.  We went into the store to have our watch bands adjusted, but we became an audience for a man who obviously missed his sweetheart.

    Apparently, he had a passionate longing for his love deep down in his heart.   After a brief conversation about our need to get the watches adjusted, we found ourselves caught up in dialogue with this man whose face lit up as he described his past relationship with the love of his life.  I was mesmerized!  He had my full attention.  Willie and I were a captive audience.  Everytime we started to leave he drew us back into his conversation, as he continued passionate tales of his love.

   He began to describe his love using poetic words, his face continuing to glow as he went on and on about his heart’s passion.  I wondered if we’d ever get out of the shop, but we finally pulled ourselves away and continued our drive.

    About four hours later we went back for our watches and found him still talking passionately about his first love.  You see, this man had been an elementary school teacher who, due to an unfortunate turn of events, was forced to give up the profession he passionately loved–teaching!  He breathed education, loved kids and beamed with every word he expressed about his first love.  Obviously, teaching was still in his heart.  He seemed so out of place.  I sensed the longing in his heart to return to his first love.  And I wondered how many people might have been privy to tales of his lost love.

     I believe God is calling His people to return to their first love.  Have you sensed the call?  Do you have a longing for more than “doing church?”  Do you feel a tug on your heart strings? Then allow Him to woo you.  That’s an old-fashioned word.  What does it mean?  According to my thesaurus, The Synonym Finder, it means “to court, make loveto, serenade.”  Have you been ruined for Him?   Let Him sing to you now.  He’s waiting breathlessly for you.  Do you hear Him?  It’s time.

2 thoughts on “I Really Miss You

  1. That was beautiful Patricia and so on point. People need to step out on faith and listen to their heart because that GOD’s voice speaking of this is my destiny for you. Keep writing because it’s awesome.


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