Enlarge My Territory!

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     Have you ever seen the movie Little Women?   On Saturday I happened to see Wynona Ryder star in an updated version of the classic story about the March family, set in New England during the Civil War.    Based upon the life of author Louisa May Alcott, the movie is the story of four very different sisters whose family faces many challenges during the Civil War.   Poverty and an absent father who goes off to fight in the war are chief among their trials. 

     The central character is Josephine, a very bold, outspoken, brave, loyal, and highly principled young lady.  Better known as Jo, this young lady dreams of a life unlike her more traditional sisters.  She sometimes finds herself frustrated by her perceived limitations of a female during that era and sometimes wishes she were a boy so she could be free to follow her dreams instead of the expectations of others.  She longs for freedom.

     At one point of frustration, she unburdens her longings with her mother.  I don’t recall the exact words but they sounded like, “Why can’t I be satisfied with the usual life that my sisters have?  Why am I so often frustrated with things that make other people happy?”

    Jo’s mother responds, “Jo, you have so many extraordinary gifts!  How do you expect to live an ordinary life?”  Wow!  What an affirmation from a mother who obviously understood her daughter’s heart! 

     Does any of this sound familiar?  Are you wondering why you are experiencing frustration when others around you seem satisfied with the status quo?  Have you ever thought you just needed to be content like everybody else and just accept your circumstances?  Do you find yourself giving thanks yet still sensing some unrest in your spirit?  Then perhaps God is nudging you, calling you out of your comfort zone, into the deep–that place of unknowing, that realm of water walking.  

    I have a yearning for more–not more material things, but more of what God wants for my life, whatever that may be.  My book, The Price of Pearls, about overcoming challenges in my life, is at the publisher’s for a first read and I’m waiting for God to give me my next assignment.  I have a desire to do something I’ve never done before.  Okay, I’m putting it out there:  write a novel.  Part of me says I’m crazy!  You’ve never done that and there are so many great novels out there now!  What makes you think you can do that?  Well, a couple of years ago I actually had a dream that I had written a novel.   Not too long ago, I accompanied a friend to her writers group and listened to a detailed explanation about outlining for a novel.  That was a little intimidating!  But I’m willing to learn more.  You see, I have this passion to write and I will not be satisfied until I follow it through!

     Have you ever asked God to enlarge your territory?  Have you ever heard of “the Jabez prayer”?  For the second time in a few years, I’m reading Bruce Wilkinson’s book on that topic as a part of a Bible study at church.  Timely, I might say.  So if you’ve been experiencing some frustration, perhaps God is prodding you. 

      Like my friend Jabez,  dare to cry out, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!  Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain (1 Chron. 4:10).  Do you know what the next phrase says? “And God granted his request.”  Click on the adjacent song title and be blessed as you listen. (PS:  I haven’t quite learned how to embed the actual video yet.  Stay tuned.)

2 thoughts on “Enlarge My Territory!

  1. Amen Tricia!!! May we all desire our territories to be enlarged, and then move boldly forward into that unknown until we see His face in our destiny!

    . . . And He will grant our requests!


  2. Very timely my sister!! I’m experiencing enlargement of territory by the renewing of my mind in the “Word of God”…I’m finding the more I’m obedient to the revelations revealed in the Bible by the Holy Spirit, the more He reveals and the more I experience. Keep up the good work…Love you :+})


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