Was I Surprised!

   This morning I woke up with a song on my heart that’s been with me periodically throughout the day.  It’s about waiting on God.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been reading the book The Prayer of Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson.   Today he was encouraging readers to pray for God to provide opportunities for ministry in their everyday encounters.  I’ve been praying about ministry within my local church, but have not given too much thought to ministry in my daily walk lately.  After all, I’m retired and my day usually takes me to the gym and back home, unless I venture out to meet a friend for lunch or go on a date with my husband.    I guess you could say I haven’t been giving much thought to allowing God to use me apart from writing.  As I said earlier, my manuscript is at the publisher’s and I’ve got quite a bit of time on my hands.  I get a little antsy when I’m not working on a project.

     So today I asked God to enlarge my territory as I went about my daily activities.  First I went to the gym.  “All right, God,” I whispered, entering my local Curves center, “Here we go.  I’m available.  I wonder who needs to hear a word of encouragement here.”  The few women there, me included, talked about our weekend activities and about the severe storm we had last night.  I threw in a few details about the car show my husband and I and some friends attended downtown on Saturday, but that was the extent of ministry I experienced.  The best news my listeners got was not to buy those big, beautiful gas guzzlers I saw on display.  Oh, well. Let’s move on to the next opportunity.

     Later today I set out for a doctor’s appointment.  Surely there would be some poor soul waiting in the lobby who could use a good dose of encouragement.  Would you believe I was in my seat for two minutes and was called back for my appointment, leaving behind the same five people who were seated when I arrived? Go figure!  As it turned out, my appointment went well, except I left with yet another pill to add to my growing senior citizen medicine chest.   What’s up with that?

     Finally home, I ate dinner and decided to call a young friend who has been struggling with a life-threatening illness.  “Surely I can encourage her,” I thought.  Well, you might have already guessed.  She had a wonderful report about healing in her body and even laughed at some of the side effects she had experienced earlier in her journey to wholeness.  Before long, I was laughing along with her, forgetting about my own problems and praising God for His miraculous work in her life. 

     God used a phone call to remind me He is in control.  I set out to encourage someone else and ended up being blessed by hearing a testimony of His faithfulness.  Be blessed by this song as you wait on God.  And don’t be surprised if He enlarges your understanding of who He is as you go about your day.  He is full of surprises!  He certainly got me today!

2 thoughts on “Was I Surprised!

  1. That was a great bit of information you shared. It’s ironic that my sister has put up a page that is focused on the Jabez Prayer as well. I’ll send you an invite because you both are so on point. Take care.


  2. I love that song. It has encouraged me in my own waiting. I pray blessings over your own time of waiting. May God continue to encourage you and may He enlarge your territory during this time. I know He has blessed me through you!


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