Grandparents’ Prayer

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      Our grandson Nicholas  is two today.  And we almost forgot.  So we dedicate this space to our special grandson who my husband and I call “The Blind Side.”  You see, Nicholas destroys our blinds every time  he comes to our house.  Believe me, we probably have a blind for every day of the year in our house, so he’s got plenty toys to play with.  He doesn’t do it intentionally.  He’s just fascinated with the blinds.  He pulls them out of their tracks and waves them around as if they are his magic wands.  If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of places where he’s bent one or two. 

 “Nicholas, put that blind down!” has been frequently heard in past visits.  How fast can a two-year-old run?  Faster than his sixty something grandparents!  Nicholas has figured out when to take off and tear down the hallway for safety, his stubby little legs moving as swiftly as an NFL running back.

So Nicholas, we say this prayer for you:

 May you continue to bring joy to all who know you;

May your legs take you to places I’ve never been before;

May you find pleasure in the simple things of life;

May you understand God’s unconditional love at an early age;

May you know that you were created to please God;

May you reach beyond the ordinary and seek an extraordinary life;

May you love, honor, and respect your parents (and grandparents);

May you value relationships and always seek to be a bridge builder;

May you worship God with all your heart, your soul, and your mind;

May you be a good provider for your family and keep career in perspective;

May you be a man of prayer, seeking God’s wisdom in making decisions;

May you love God’s Word, searching the scriptures for the mind of Christ;

May you be a man of integrity, a contributor to the betterment of mankind;

May you know that your grandparents will always be there for you;

May you be the best Nicholas that you can be, for God made you and has a plan for your life.

We love you, grandson.  Here’s a big hug from Pop-Pop and Mommo!  See you soon! 

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