Rotten Potatoes

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     I am the queen of throw aways!  Just ask my husband.  If you need somebody to help you clean out your closet and you don’t know how to do it (or you get jittery at the thought) just ask me.  I love to get rid of junk!  As a matter of fact, I absolutely hate junk! 

     You know what I mean:  those old keys that don’t fit any door; miscellaneous chargers that don’t fit any cell phones; frilly blouses (Are they back in style?) or bell bottom pants pressed against the back wall of your closet; that pleated skirt your aunt gave you to wear ten years ago; that box of glasses you swear will come back in style.  Shall I go on?

     You can probably add to my list.  I certainly can, but I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.   I’m sure some of you will agree with me:  Junk is annoying!  Why do we keep it around when it obviously has outlived its purpose? 

     Just the other day I smelled something awful in my pantry, so I went hunting for the culprit.  You might have guessed already.  It was a rotten potato!  Have you ever smelled one?  It STINKS!  I mean it absolutely REEKS!  So what did I do?  I searched the bag of red potatoes until I found the bad one and gently took it out of the bag, carefully avoiding any contact whatsoever.  Whew!  Was I relieved!

    But just as I was about to throw it away, my practical-minded husband had a brilliant idea:  Why not plant the potato in the back yard and let it yield more potatoes?  Now who really thinks like that?  My husband, of course!  “Are you kidding?” I asked throwing my hands in the air, “Why would I do that?”

     “Because you shouldn’t waste that potato.  It still has some use,” he calmly stated, holding out his hand to prevent me from tossing it in the trash can.  I knew I was not going to win that argument.  Captain Thrifty struck again!

    I am reminded about a passage I read in the book of Nehemiah this morning.  Briefly, Nehemiah, a cupbearer in a foreign land, had access to comfort and luxury in the king’s palace, but he mourned over the ruined walls of the city of Jerusalem, his native land.  He grieved over Jerusalem’s condition.  The king, moved by Nehemiah’s compassion, released him to return to Judah to rebuild the city.

     Soon opposition arose and a  mocker screamed, “Will they revive the stones from the heaps of rubbish–stones that are burned (Neh.4:2b)?” I had to think about that image.  Can burnt stones be used again?  The answer was yes!  Nehemiah refused to look at the ruins and see waste.  Instead, he saw potential!  And before long, regardless of naysayers and continued opposition, he rallied his people to rebuild the walls of the city!

    Some of you may be feeling as if you are a throwaway.  You may feel as if God has discarded you.  You may think your time for use has come and gone.  I know.  I’ve felt that way before.  Let me tell you this:  IT’S A LIE FROM THE ENEMY!  Nothing or nobody is wasted in God’s economy!  Whatever you’re feeling is not the truth!  He’s not finished with you yet!  In fact, now that you’ve felt defeat, He can use you even more to minister hope to others.  Jer. 29:11 states, “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (NKJV).”

   Run to your Father!  He’s waiting…………..for you.

3 thoughts on “Rotten Potatoes

  1. Amen to that Patricia! No matter how old, how sick, how hurt, how useless you feel, God has need of you! As long as your feet are planted on this earth, God still has a plan for you!


  2. What a timely word! Seriously, thank you for posting this. We all need to be reminded that everything has value in God’s Kingdom – especially those things/times in our lives/situations we think so little of are the ones that build us and bless others the most. Please keep writing this blog – it’s necessary!


  3. Enjoyed the blog! Who would’ve thought all this came about from a rotten potato (lol). Continue to inspire, encourage and defeat the enemy!! :+})


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