Mission Impossible?

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     I know you’ve heard the declaration about Judgment Day happening on May 21, 2011.  As you can see, we’re still here!  But some of us will be leaving next week on an important mission.  I’m not talking about the Rapture!  I’m talking about the biggest missions trip that has ever taken place.  The Jamaican government has graciously invited Praisefest Ministries an organization dedicated to taking the Gospel to the world, the opportunity to send teams of Christians into over 230 schools to share the Gospel with over 133,000 students.  In addition, a team of believers has also been given access to minister in a major prison facility in the country.   The beautiful thing about this mission is that churches across the United States are uniting to make this event happen!  

     Can you imagine what an impact this will be?  First of all, let me say again: The Jamaican government has given Christians permission to go into the schools to share the Gospel!  For those who may have forgotten, the U.S. Supreme Court banned praying in schools in 1962!  That’s right.  Some of us more seasoned saints can actually remember praying in schools.  I was in 7th grade the last time I said The Lord’s Prayer in school.  So I do not take this trip for granted!  This is an awesome occasion!   

    Yesterday at church, one of our ministers delivered a powerful message in which he stated that God is calling for His people to believe as never before.  We are to expect God to do “exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…(Eph. 3:20, NKJV).”  I must admit that sometimes I take God’s Word for granted.  I recite the familiar passages as if they are nursery rhymes.  But it’s time for the church to believe again!  If God can do this in Jamaica, what about our great nation? 

     I am calling my Facebook friends to pray for this important mission.  Amazing things happen when God’s people pray!  If governments topple in the Middle East through Twitter and Facebook, what can happen if we get on our knees and use social media to storm the heavens and rally believers to action?  “With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible (Mt. 19:26, NKJV).”

6 thoughts on “Mission Impossible?

  1. AMEN! May the power of God lead you to new heights of greatness, may His spirit guide you at every turn, and may His presence encourage and strengthen you and all other believers as you bring His word to Jamaican schools!


  2. AMEN!! I am expecting GOD to do exceedingly, abundantly above that which I can think to ask for!! Will see you on board if not before :+})


  3. Maybe we should forward this to Obama. The US never likes to be outdone!!!

    Prayer availeth much. Prayer changes things. Anything we ask in His name He provides. Pray first, last, and always. Pray unceasing.

    The Muslim community stops whatever they are doing, wherever they are, without exception and pray to Allah five times a day, every day.

    Can you just imagine what we could do if we as Christians would dedicate ourselves to stopping to seek God five times a day? Four times? Three times? Two?

    The answer is ALWAYS in prayer.

    God bless the ministers who are traveling to Jamaica. God bless the government for opening the schools and hearts of the children to hear the word of God.

    God bless those who will be interceding for those traveling. I WILL BE one of those. How abou you?


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