Twenty-one Thousand Saved!

Carnival Splendor
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     “Are you sure she said twenty-one thousand?” my sister Deborah asked my sister Bessie in a phone conversation.  “She must have said twenty-one hundred!”

     “No, she said twenty-one thousand people got saved last week,” Bessie reiterated. 

     Bessie was right.  I know that number sounds astronomical, but God did an awesome work in Jamaica through Praisefest Ministries “Cruise with a Cause” last week!  For those of you who did not read my blog last week, let me tell you what happened.

     Three thousand Christians, my husband and I included, sailed aboard the Carnival Destiny, headed on an assignment to win souls for Christ.  The government of Jamaica opened schools in Montego Bay for the gospel to be shared with students and staff.  Eighty-eight bus loads of believers embarked upon the largest mission’s trip ever! 

     Each team included a speaker, an artist (singer or dancer), and approximately 25 other believers.  We went into elementary, high schools, technical schools and a prison.  We distributed school supplies, donated by most who went on the cruise.  The Holy Spirit had already prepared the way.  God had earlier shown a woman from Jamaica that ships of worshippers were coming to her country! And our ship was the first of many to come! 

     While we visited the schools, others stayed on board and covered us with prayer.  In addition, several believers canvassed the streets, inviting many to a crusade on Wednesday evening.  Many were saved that night as well.

     I wish I could tell you more, but words cannot express all that happened on that mission’s trip.  God showed up!  He glorified Himself through a spirit of unity onboard that ship!  This was not a black or white trip, not a Baptist or Pentecostal trip!  This was a move of God!  Three thousand saints heard the call to go and said, “Yes.” 

    Twenty-one thousand documented names represent men, women, boys, and girls who  heard “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but shall have everlasting life (John 3:16).”   One ordinary  Wednesday and Thursday in a city in Jamaica became an extraordinary move of God! 

    Mission Impossible?  No–Mission Accomplished!  Thanks to all my Facebook friends who prayed back home.  Your prayers are documented in heaven! 

     Now on to the United States!

2 thoughts on “Twenty-one Thousand Saved!

  1. YES!!! It was amazing. I’m thankful that my first cruise experience was this one. Now, I look forward to many, many more. To GOD be the GLORY!!!!!!


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