Slaying Your Monsters

Lizard! (Photo credit: NCReedplayer)

“Help! There’s a lizard in our shower!” Could I be hearing right? Was one of my roommates screaming about a lizard in her shower? That couldn’t be true. How on earth would a lizard get in a shower? Then I heard another voice scream out, “I’m going in the bedroom! I don’t want anything to do with that thing!” By this time, I had to see what all the commotion was about. Surely they were joking about a lizard in the shower, but what exactly did they see?

This was the second day of a women’s conference in Destin, Florida. My two roommates and I had just returned from a late night session where we heard a rousing talk about facing and overcoming challenges in our lives. You know how it is when you know you’ve been struggling with an issue and somebody puts her finger on it or at least lets you know it’s time to deal with it. Well, I anticipated God would give me the courage to overcome, but I had no idea His illustration would come so soon.

I walked slowly to my roommates’ bathroom. Remember, one young lady had already retreated to her bedroom and yelled out, “We’re going to use your shower tomorrow morning! I’m not going back in there!” Right away, I knew I had to do something. I was not looking forward to anybody disturbing my sleep in the morning. When I got to their bathroom, I expected to see a full-size lizard, at least eight to ten inches long. But when I peered into the shower, I was surprised to see a baby lizard who barely had any coloring! He or she must have been born the day before! I decided I could handle the situation.

My plan quickly unfolded: I grabbed the plastic bag from the waste can and spotted a broom in the bathroom. Bingo! I would attempt to sweep the critter into the bag and quickly dispose of it. Then the brave roommate who oversaw my efforts shouted, “Let’s turn on the shower and let him go down the drain!” What did we have to lose? I watched as she turned on the water and the tiny creature skirted to a safe corner. Okay, back to my plan.

I quickly laid the plastic bag on the shower floor and the water helped to create a seal. Just as quickly, I grabbed the broom and swept the little pest into the bag. Whew! Finally! Snatching the bag up, I darted out of the condo and placed the bag on the sidewalk, leaving it there for the maintenance man to retrieve it. What a relief!

After my extraordinary feat, I contemplated my actions. I needed to apply that same principle to facing my fear. I had dwelt on my issue for so long that I had allowed it to consume me and grow bigger than it really was. I had the courage to overcome my fear. I had to face it and deal with it. Besides, I was determined not to let anybody or anything disturb my sleep! It’s amazing how God can use a little illustration to make a point! My lizard lesson reminds me that I have the courage to face any obstacle. There’s a great big God living inside me and He delights in helping me! I am more than a conqueror!

Romans 8:37 reads, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

  Sometimes it takes a lizard to remind me.

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