Grace for the Season

English: A Christmas Tree at Home
English: A Christmas Tree at Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After Bible study last night, I went over to talk with a couple of friends. Willie and I had gone to their house for Thanksgiving and marveled that they already had their house decorated for Christmas. If you’re picturing a typical Christmas tree, about seven feet tall, forget it. Their tree must have been about 16 or 17 feet tall. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that tree could have been in the foyer of Macy’s. It was absolutely beautiful, with red and gold balls as big as grapefruit.  Oh, did I tell you she had three grand trees in her house? Every room  was exquisitely decorated, not to mention the magnificent array of lights outside.

When I told her my family was coming for Christmas and that I needed to get started decorating and buying gifts, she laughed and said, “Oh, I bet you’re halfway finished with everything.” Not so! I haven’t even started. Every year I say I’m going to start early and never do it. I’m in the group that comes to life two to three weeks before Christmas. Before then, I’m in total denial that I have anything to do.

Well, today I decided to think about putting up my tree. That’s right–to think about it. I guess my husband is in my “we’ll do it later group” too. When I told him I was going to put the tree up while he was in class tonight, he asked me why I was going to put the tree up so early. Two procrastinators in one house are not healthy.

Then I began thinking about God and his wonderful grace. I’ve heard many definitions of grace, but I’d like to add mine, using each letter of the word. If you’re beginning to feel the angst of the season and not the true Spirit, think on these things:

G:    Give God praise!  We have a lot to be thankful for. We don’t have to stop just because Thanksgiving is over. We tend to take much for granted. I bet you can think of five things each day through New Year’s.

R:   Remember what he’s done for you in the past.  You find yourself filled with joy.

A:  Activate your faith. Get in God’s word and meditate on what he says. When you tend to give in to your feelings, grab hold of the truth and act accordingly.

   C: Celebrate the Risen Savior! So much is often said about Jesus dying for us, but we need to celebrate the Risen Savior! He’s alive and willing to help us with our stinking thinking.

   E:  Enter into your rest. WE can be rattled so easily (I know it’s just me.) when we get busy and lose our focus. Stop, Drop, and Roll. Get in a posture of prayer, even at work.  Look up, breathe in and be renewed.

God’s grace is limitless! Oh, come, let us adore Him; OH, Come, let Us adore Him; OH, COME, LET US ADORE HIM!!!!! CHRIST THE LORD!

7 thoughts on “Grace for the Season

  1. Patricia I am so proud of you and have always admired not only your outer beauty, but your inner beauty as well. I truly admire how you took the bull by the horns and became an author. This something that I have always wanted to do also. I have written two children’s books, but have not tried to published them except for the poor man’s way of publishing. I am working on a third book, but I don’t know how to get started on publication. Send me some pointers, please.


  2. Hi Bev,
    I’m so happy to hear about your writing life! That’s fantastic! I’m happy to share what I know, and believe me I’m still learning. I published my first book through a self-publishing company. It was a little on the expensive side for a beginning author. There are many such companies out there to explore on the internet. While my experience was not bad, someone else in my writers’ group was not entirely happy. I found some benefits and minuses to the process. After the initial fee, I still had to pay for additional books every time I needed them. The more you order, the greater your discount.
    I’m in the middle of writing my second book, a novel, and may go the traditional publishing route. That’s an entirely different process which basically involves seeking a company to foot the cost of publishing my book. Sounds easy, right? No, I must send query letters to companies and convince them why they should publish my book. There’s a lot more involved in the process, but I’ll leave it at
    that for now.
    NOW ONTO ANOTHER OPTION: Some of my writer friends are using a program called “Create Space” on It appears to be one of the cheapest routes to publish. I’m not totally familiar with it and need to do my own investigation before I throw out some ideas about it.
    Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you some links to get you started with coming to a decision which is RIGHT FOR YOU. That’s the key. I’m excited for you! Retirement is great when you know your purpose. Stay in touch.


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