Giving Thanks for Family

I am grateful for the gift of family! And I’m thankful that in the midst of pain and joy my family has been there for one another this month. Here are the moments I’m celebrating:

1. Having the opportunity to celebrate my birthday at the Greater Philadelphia Writers Conference.

2. Having my brother Buck and best friend and sister-in-law, Varle, at my house on her birthday and worshipping with them at New Mercies yesterday!

3. Celebrating the birthday of another friend and sister-in-law in Florida and looking forward to her writing! Yah!

4.  Thanking God for His faithfulness as I remember my brother’s birthday.

5. Thanking God for His grace and mercy as my extended family drew together to lay an older cousin and her daughter to rest  in a double funeral and celebrating their glorious entrance into heaven! A couple actually got saved at their funeral! To God be the glory!

6. Celebrating the wedding of our oldest son Duane and his lovely bride Maria and rejoicing in a new beginning for them! I just realized I gained four more grandchildren through the union! Wow!

7. Thanking God as I anticipate the birthday of our oldest daughter Andrea and celebrating her new beginning on a new job!

8. Also worshipping with my daughter Christine, son-in-law, Dameion and the boys at New Mercies yesterday.

For these things, Father, I’m grateful and it’s only August 18th. In the good times, praise His name. In the bad times do the same. In everything, give the King of Kings all the thanks!

4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Family

  1. Thanks for your continued encouragement, Barbara. I appreciate having someone like you in my corner. I can tell from your posts that you treasure family as well. Be blessed today!


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