I Almost Didn’t Make It

This morning I almost got tossed into the trash. You see, my gardener’s wife was on a journey to clean the house, and once she starts the journey, there’s no stopping her. I thought it was bad enough yesterday. She sprayed my leaves with Endust, as I relaxed on the dining room table. I coughed and choked, thinking I was dying. She didn’t notice, but kept right on spraying anything with a trace of dust. I hoped my gardener would notice, but he was asleep on the sofa. She finally tired and collapsed on the sofa next to him. Whew! What a close call!

Today she started her cleaning frenzy again. In fact, she picked me up, gave a quick assessment of my shape and asked my gardener a frightening question. “Is it okay if I toss this plant? I don’t see any flowers.”

He sat up and reminded her that I still had leaves. You should have seen her face when she took another look. See for yourself. I’m still an orchid, not just any old flower. Just because I have no blossoms now doesn’t mean I’m dead. In a matter of time, with the proper care, I’ll be stronger and more beautiful. If she’d only leave me alone and let my master take care of me, in time, I’d bloom again.

What if plants really talked? I’m sure they’d have me on the “plant watch list.” I wonder how many people we’ve discounted or cast out for having no blossoms.  The good news is God’s not through with any of us yet. The Bible says “In His time, He makes all things beautiful.” Let’s patiently wait on Him and ask Him to help us see from His perspective.   Plant Picture

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters?

What’s your first thought after spending the afternoon with two of your most energetic grandsons? If you’re like me, you want to find your most comfortable couch and curl up for the rest of the evening. Who am I kidding?  The whole thing went down like a classic horror picture.

     My husband and I dragged behind two rambunctious boys who elbowed each other toward the mudroom door. You know the routine. We imagined a long nap for everybody. Nicholas, the seven year old, pictured a much anticipated drumming session, while Christian, the older,  jibber-jabbered about his next You Tube dramatization.

     “Where’s my iPad?” was the question I didn’t want to hear. For the next 30 minutes, everybody went on the hunt for the precious instrument. Before long, blood, sweat, and tears intensified our search.

     Finally, I had the most profound revelation. PRAY! Yep, hadn’t given it any thought, until I couldn’t stand the frustration anymore. Christian and I held hands and whispered a short prayer, thanking God for His help.

     After ten minutes, the iPad mysteriously appeared under a stack of mail on the kitchen table. Bravo! I rehearsed with Christian the words he would say to briefly explain his problem and give God credit. I called for Nicholas. Here would be Christian’s opportunity to “testify of God’s goodness.” I was so excited; Christian was not. In fact, he completely forgot every word I’d coached him for his platform. I sighed as I put every single word in his mouth. My dear husband left me with these words of wisdom: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he gets old he will not depart.” Alas, the teachable moment was for me…and you. Let’s always give God the glory! He deserves it!