What’s up with This Frustration?

     Did you notice how foggy it was this morning?  In fact, when I called my daughter in Maryland and told her how foggy it was down here in Georgia, she said rather surprisedly, “Mom, it’s foggy here too!”  I don’t like fog!  Especially the kind of fog that lasts all day…just like today.    … Continue reading What’s up with This Frustration?

Are You Sure You Want That?

     Do you find yourself spending more time looking back than looking forward?  Do you have images which try to take up permanent residence in your mind, even when you’ve prayed about them?  Do you feel condemned when you try to pray?  If you’ve answered “Yes” to these questions, then welcome to the human race!  You… Continue reading Are You Sure You Want That?

He Cares…but is it my turn to be used?

     Over the past two weeks, two very similar situations presented themselves to me.  Each involved two people I care about very much.  Through conversations with the individuals, I concluded they had needs which appeared to require immediate solutions.        I had been thinking about situation #l for two or three days and finally decided to share… Continue reading He Cares…but is it my turn to be used?